SINnopsis GRAnt For Interdisciplinary COllaboration (SINGRAFICO


Our Project and Team

The project “SInnoPSis” – ERA Chair in Science and Innovation Policy & Studies”, has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The
ERA Chair aims to bring together excellent academics from the linked scientific departments and consolidate all related research activities at the University of Cyprus (UCY). More
information about SInnoPSis can be found at

The ERA Chair holder is accompanied by a group of exceptional young scientists in the field of Science and Innovation. SInnoPSis is continually growing into multidisciplinary research centre
that aims to facilitate cross-fertilization across different departments, as well as gradually upgrade research and teaching activities in the fields of Meta-Science and Economics of Science. The problem of understanding how scientific knowledge creation works is of great interest for Biomedical Sciences, Psychology, Economics & Management, Social and Political Sciences but also for Philosophy and the Humanities.

Meta-research is a very active field of research, which has developed into a new discipline.
University of Cyprus has the potential to grow into a strong actor in meta-research and Open Science.

The Small Grant Scheme

To enhance and accelerate collaboration between SInnoPSis and UCY researchers interested in meta-Science, we are offering a competitive grant of up to 15,000€ (for a duration of 12-18
months) to scholars in fields outside economics who wish to cooperate with the SInnoPSis team to generate excellent research collaborations. Each interested group should submit a
collaboration project proposal (up to 5-pages long) accompanied by a 1-page budget and the CVs (1-2 pages) of up to two investigators. If there are many excellent proposals, up to two
proposals may be funded. Potential research areas for the proposal include:

• Meta-analysis and study of bias in social science research.
• Design of surveys to examine incentives and behaviour, as well as understanding of methodology, of actors such as researchers, editors, and funders.
• Modelling and game-theoretic analysis of incentives and behaviour of such actors.
• Experimental studies of incentives and behaviour of such actors.
• Philosophical underpinnings of reproducibility.
• Experimental studies assessing how specific reforms of knowledge-generating processes may affect reproducibility.

Applications should be sent (as a single PDF file) to project Coordinator Elli Theodoulou via email ( by 15 November 2022. Applications will be assessed, and
shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by the SInnoSPis team in early December 2022.

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